Expanding the Clerk's Office

We can be doing more to help Evanston residents.

Like everyone else, Evanston residents are hurting economically these days, and we can and should be thinking creatively about how to help generate revenue for our city as we seek to recover from the long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stephanie wants to make sure the Clerk’s office does its part by expanding its services, helping keep Evanston residents local when they seek out basic services.

As Clerk, Stephanie will expand the office’s services by:

  • Solemnizing marriages
  • Helping the Clerk’s office issue passports
  • Offering real estate transfer tax services 
  • Offering bicycle registrations 
  • Creating a resource telephone line 
  • Offering passport services and passport pictures 
  • Offering in house notary services during office hours
  • Offering mobile notary services for seniors and people with limited mobility
  • Hosting translation and interpretation services throughout the City departments 
  • Bringing the Clerk’s office into clerk membership organizations across the state