Community Outreach

The Clerk’s office acts as a liaison between the community and the city. As Clerk my priority will be to empower people to voice their concerns and help them access our city government with ease.

As we seek to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and create a more racially just world, our government needs to hear from and reflect the interests of all our residents. In the interest of reaching traditionally-underserved communities, Stephanie will renew the Clerk’s Office’s focus on community outreach. 

As Clerk Stephanie will make it a priority to create partnerships with the city and build bridges by:

  • Organizing voter registration drives
  • Sending staff to community events to answer questions and help residents
  • Working with the public to find new ways to connect with all our diverse residents
  • Reaching out to community leaders, places of worship and our nonprofit community to increase community engagement
  • Requiring equity training for Clerk’s Office employees to ensure that our office is able not only to serve our residents, but elevate their voices and empower them.